Hell Yes

Will there be a point when a person will get so used to rejection?
Is there a particular number of NO’s or Sorry’s to count before you say
“Hey, it’s ok!” and mean it?
Totally mean it?

Not the OK where you cry inside but the OK like it’s totally-fine-I-wont-event-have-to-get-over-it fine.

Like a goal that once fulfilled you’ll be so immune to declines, a yes or a no would just feel the same.

Because to be honest, it hurts.

No matter how often.
Whoever utters the words.
It hurts even when expected.
It hurts even when you come prepared.



Trial & Horror

At this point I am ready to ask,
no worrying about the answer.
The torture of rejection certainly feels like the pain of not knowing.

And the only thing I know is this is my final straw.
The last moment to hear a yes or a no.
To start or stop.
To go or to let go.