I’m super exhausted from work today but it is scary cos it’s my favorite kind of high.

The fulfillment I get…like an andrenaline rush.
I wonder if people feel the same way?
I wonder what version others have?

I’m struggling to find other facets in life that can give me such vibe. I know there’s more to life than this.
There are tiny versions like helping others or coffee picking or wandering but it is not as “makes-me-oblivious” kind.

I’m struggling to find ways to heal the hurt.
I’m struggling to find means to forget.



11:11 Employee

There’s really nothing quite more important than lazy mornings.
To wake up at 530AM just to read all the articles for as long as I can.
Spend the next hour preparing a hearty breakfast.
(i.e., last night’s buy 1 take 1 and fry something. lol)
Take another two hours for my coffee.
Only then I’ll realise it’s past 11:11AM and I’ve (un)intentionally ignored I’m a regular 8AM to 5PM employee.

Oh please don’t fire me!

Delayed Immaturity

Hey, it’s telltale Monday.

Received work email as early as 5am.
Got seven inquiries from the owner of the company.
Arrived with questions here and there.
But here I am writing my nothings.

And have already spent 48minutes checking old posts of Tirso Cruz.
Not Tito Third.
Not the star.
My very own Tirso Cruz with a splash of Vietnamese coffee.

Today, let me be Nora.

Tale of Halves


I hope I never forget the beauty of full moon and the night sky,
of watching milk make galaxies even in my darkest cup of coffee,
the warm ray of sunshine that keeps my cheeks rosy
or seeing plants grow despite my scarce caring capacity.

Most specially, the kind strangers and the music that vibrates around that make life easy.

I hope I never forget to count these bits of heaven whether the cup’s half full or half empty.