Logic x Heart

This year I will remain hopeful.
I will take where my heart leads me.
I will take it no matter how irrational.
I will take it no matter how risky.

I will follow my heart.
It’s something I never fully tried.
I always turn around around and hide.
If all else still fails and I end up crying, at least I knew I tried.



Of Walls and Airplanes

I have a very good problem on hand.
I don’t even have to resolve it tonight.
But I am a “I-won’t-sleep-unless-I-have-the-answer” kind.

My hours had been taken over by thoughts.
My thoughts had been taken over by some ghost.
A ghost of a past that haunts.

Again, I don’t need answers tonight.
But maybe by sharing this I can find my own flight.
Or maybe I will wake up with that familiar light.