Love is Blind

I didn’t know the very essence of this saying until I went through it
Back then I thought they were talking about facade,
an outer layer deemed less worthy
The shallowness of it all

Not until I walked this road did I learn about its depth
The kind that sucks the joy right off your chest
So deep it leaves you empty
So painful it wreaks havoc in your head

The glaring light of truth
Couldn’t stop a lover’s virtue
You love and love despite
You try and try as much

Closing your eyes to the deceptions and lies
Making all the wrong seem right
You’ll meet its depth when everything hurts yet you still think it’s worth the fight.



Step after step I pause
Thinking lift after lift
You should be beside me as I cross
I often thought of these things as part of our clause

Not a single plan that came across without you in my mind
For all the things I wish, you have aways been considered
And even with the last stroke of my wishing wand, I would give it up
You mean that much

And all the while I thought there’s nothing like our bond.

But step after step
You take a sideway glance
You are silently taking a path
Far away from where I stand

Creating plans after plans
As you march with a different band
Quietly seeking for things away
As you silently let go of my hand