Rare are the moments when I have to ask
Or seek for care
Rare are the times when I want to soak on the grief
And check who cares

But today isn’t my day
Today, I wish someone will choose to stay
Today, I wish someone will take away the pain
Someone who will remind me that this isn’t my life

This is just a bad day.



We face battles each day. Some are easy to counter, others hard to bear.
There are moments when we would rather escape, run … far, faraway.
There are days which just as dark as our nights.
Each of them triumphed but none of them knows how.

We don’t have to broadcast.
We don’t have to share each cry, all of our woes.
But we don’t need to safeguard the pains either.
To carry them around us each day.
You don’t have to nurse all the pain within.

Find a place.
Find a solace in your rather convoluted mind.
Chase the beautiful people, those with beautiful souls.
Inspire yourself even if nobody knows.
Train to find the goodness. Train to find the light in the midst of sadness.
Train yourself.
Be your own good friend.
Look for all the good even if it’s not within anymore.
Even if it FEELS it’s no longer there. Look around.

Accept, embrace all the pain but fight it with love, with happiness.
The world is so vast.
The world is so big to focus on the people, the things that hurt you.
The sprawling goodness that surrounds us should give you at least one more reason to appreciate life. To finally set yourself free.

Pain, like happiness, is a matter of choosing whether A or B.