Be gentle.

To the woman passing by.
To the girl with passion slipping in her eyes.
To the damsel in distress.
To the lady who’s about to cry.

Be gentle.

During the moonless nights.
During the grey skies.
In between dusk and dawn.
In between triumph and fall.

Be gentle during war and horror.
Be gentle with the one in the mirror.


After Moon

Picking up the crumbs
Taking off the laurels
Pulling all the remaining leaves
I wish my mind would just let me sleep

There are days that surprise
And the nights we despise
Tossing and turning
Hoping from ashes we rise

Man and the Moon

Read me Pablo’s
The sad and happy ones

Share some coffee and mallows
Keep my lips warm

Cuddle me gently
Let your arms be my shield from harm

Remind me everything’s going to be ok
Release me from my mind’s cold war

These are the hopes of my heart
These are the things that I yearn
These are the things that if I admit, will tear me apart
These are the things I keep to myself so dear

All these are things I’m quite afraid you will never hear.