Nothing can be far more tormenting than feeling 10, 000 miles away from someone you thought you’ve known to the core while sitting across a wooden table.


60 Sighs

There are days when life fucks everything up and there will be people who would try you.
But you have people who can make you laugh.
They remind you what’s important.
They remind you not to give up.

They are far more important than all the bullshits around us.
Carefully peruse your life.
Go away from those who knock on your door only to crush your soul.
Leave those who don’t do you good.

Choose. Refuse. Never be an excuse.


Step after step I pause
Thinking lift after lift
You should be beside me as I cross
I often thought of these things as part of our clause

Not a single plan that came across without you in my mind
For all the things I wish, you have aways been considered
And even with the last stroke of my wishing wand, I would give it up
You mean that much

And all the while I thought there’s nothing like our bond.

But step after step
You take a sideway glance
You are silently taking a path
Far away from where I stand

Creating plans after plans
As you march with a different band
Quietly seeking for things away
As you silently let go of my hand


1000 Things

And the good thing about memory is nobody can take it away from you
It can be a good portal
A selfish one
A place full of memento

Of the good and the bad
But mostly good…
The kind that makes you smile
The kind that feels like a long, warm embrace

The things that can run inside your head for an extra mile
and just stay there
At times a little
More often for a long while

But they are yours
Even if the people in the picture aren’t there anymore
Or have shifted his or her role
Even then, good memories will never fail to hit us to the core



Those rose-colored nights went astray
We were so happy
How come we easily forgot the days?

I was there for you
Rooting for everything that you do
I thought you would,too.

I stood silent when I realized you can’t
A little portion of my heart wanted for you to repent
Waited too long but days just got spent

I opted for the steady road and paved the way
Instead you bit me behind my back
Showering me with unnecessary attack

I was there for you
Helped when I can
How come you still chose to break my heart, my friend?