Complex / Cities

I can only reach out, I tell myself.
A bit of a compromise.
I can try but I can never move on a different direction.
One that isn’t part of my vision.

They say it’s a dead end.
‘lo change and bend.
I picture the world sending a different version of me.
And my truth says, “I can’t.”

There’s that version that everyone likes, and my version of truth.
To please everyone isn’t my pursuit.

Change and bend?
I just really can’t.

Call me romantic, idyllic
A lover of non-existent fairytales
But that won’t change the messages I’ll send to the world.

If along the way I find people who are warmth by the same skin
Who share the same wire
Ill be glad
Ill be happy to let them in.

My lights are on, I welcome those who’d be knocking my walls.
If they find difficulties in comprehending,
let it naturally take its toll.
In my fragile bubble, it will always be, all or nothing at all.

1000 Things

And the good thing about memory is nobody can take it away from you
It can be a good portal
A selfish one
A place full of memento

Of the good and the bad
But mostly good…
The kind that makes you smile
The kind that feels like a long, warm embrace

The things that can run inside your head for an extra mile
and just stay there
At times a little
More often for a long while

But they are yours
Even if the people in the picture aren’t there anymore
Or have shifted his or her role
Even then, good memories will never fail to hit us to the core



And to know that they know your flaws but they’ve come to love you anyway.
From my childish snapping to my horrible bitching.
My straight up NOs coupled with ‘please go’.
Enough reason to leave but you guys are the rarest breed.

How come they’re still happy to see me smile?
How come they laugh when I can almost make them cry?
Treading the line between tolerance and acceptance.
This is such a wonderful kind of in-between.
Such a warm, fluffy blanket of affection.
I leave my character in question.