Of Dreams and Fountains

The bread though freshly bought wasn’t soft enough.
The coffee, though known doesn’t taste like my favourite cup.
Took an early start.
Woke up from dream made of horrible stuff.

Dropped my mug a floor away without having it broken.
A familiar staircase that once had my heart, for once, wide open.
Gave the observers a wide smile and a wink to cover my mind that was shaken.
Suddenly, I was chased by fluffy, harmless and huggable grey cats.
Who seem to be pulling my leg but are also sleeping in my head.
I don’t know.
I have no clear way to go.
And the thoughts I have are like dark bubbles wishing to pop as I wallow.

Screaming neighbours.
Overflowing water.
We say hello to October yet for me it feels like the start of summer.
Universe, I plea, let this Tuesday turn a little nicer.
With thee, I hold no power.




If only I know how to write a song I would pen a love song called Ethiopia

This is not socially relevant
This is me and my dreams in Ethiopia
With you in Ethiopia

A random thought that appeared in my dreams
Somewhat surprising but we know what it means to dream
These are thoughts tucked within
These are thoughts I’m keeping in

Haha sweet, sweet life
Requesting to be heard
Requesting to be seen
Ethiopia in my mind

And since I cannot pen a love song
May my words be just as strong

A quiet plea
Hidden truth
Stories of almosts and once upons
Ethiopia of my youth


Of Darkness and Light


I have always admired city lights maybe just as much as I’d long for sunsets or sunrise.
For what feels like forever now, the vast darkness that surrounds me kind of changes what used to be fancy and “reachable” man-made stars.
“Lucky” to know that I will be back in the city soon but I can’t help but feel some sort of pain for the ones residing here.
Maybe it’s just me, maybe I don’t see things the way they do.
Still it makes me wonder how it feels to know that all that scarce here are just an island away from them.
How does it feel to sleep each night knowing that kind of world exists but you have concluded that you cant/ have no means to reach it.

[Photo: Children having fun playing glow in the dark sticks. 5:45PM, Oct2014]