Not sure what is this.
Hundred and two thoughts
Crowding this single year
Wish I could wipe away as I please.

In my silence I wish to speak
Share all my thoughts
Stay away from all the ghosts
But there’s no one I wish to talk.



Trial & Horror

At this point I am ready to ask,
no worrying about the answer.
The torture of rejection certainly feels like the pain of not knowing.

And the only thing I know is this is my final straw.
The last moment to hear a yes or a no.
To start or stop.
To go or to let go.


After Four

Few more puffs til the smoke’s gone 
Few more sips til there’s none 

Words are almost exhausted 
The mind would rather rest 
But I hear the quiet whisper 
Now’s the part we share our best

The deepest sighs, the empty Whys 
Secret thoughts finally unearthed
My brain’s half in slumber, half in daze 
Eyes are already blurry but our hearts found strength to share its best kept stories 

After four AM, our thoughts start to wander
After four, we give fire to our deepest cries
After four, we strip down all the rules
After four, we look like genuinely happy fools