I am free.
Sometimes I need to remind myself that I am indeed free.
Maybe remembering could sometimes be difficult when you didn’t ask for it.
But then again, why be sad about it? Really?

I am free.
My hours are mine.
I own the sea.

I am free.
My life.
There’s nothing to pity.
I define liberty.

I am free.
Nobody can take that away from me.
Not unless I want to then just let me be.
Sometimes I want to but most couldn’t see.




We deserve to be loved wholeheartedly.
We deserve people who make conscious effort to love and appreciate us.
We are deserving of attention, we don’t have to seek or crave for it.
We are deserving of praise and admiration.

And to be given voluntarily because we deserve it.
Believe that you deserve it.
Not forced.
Not as a favor.

If you have to ask, if you have to beg, wake up immediately from that obsession.
Let go.
Right away.
Distance yourself from people who see you merely as an option.