Trial & Horror

At this point I am ready to ask,
no worrying about the answer.
The torture of rejection certainly feels like the pain of not knowing.

And the only thing I know is this is my final straw.
The last moment to hear a yes or a no.
To start or stop.
To go or to let go.



Let it be known that not fully loving you,
Not fully exposing how and what I feel
Are also signs of love

Trying not to lift a finger
Leaving the room when all I wanted was to linger
Are tales of sacrifice

It may be a little less brave
It could be a sign of me being weak
Still, let it be known that it’s you I always think


Brave Mornings

When everything’s still blurry
My eyes still half asleep
When it’s too early, I cannot think too deep
There’s this brave face you get to meet

The half awake
Half asleep
Who says yes
With promises she keeps

The better version
This version who says YES
This version who doesn’t really ask so many WHYs
Who believes in saying NO is a no go

The version who will grab everything as it flows
The version who will not let things go
The person who doesn’t hide her tears
The person who lets go of her fears

How we wish all decisions are meant to be made only during my brave mornings