Green Day

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don’t know where it goes
But it’s home to me and I walk alone.

Green Day
A good old favorite
And now I revisit and be reminded, indeed this journey is all my own.

There’s that bittersweet taste of going back home.
Of leaving and coming back.
I made a decision that most people will find odd.
A faulty step that needs a quick reroute.
Watch out! Watch out! they all seem to scream.
But who cares? I also have dreams.

A revisit I must say.
This home is my fortress.
This home, that made me cry and tried my patience is the same home that cradled me when nobody wanted to see my best.
This home made me feel alive even when there’s no one to confide.

In this solitary walk I found this place as my perfect cup of comfort.
When no friends, family or enemy would understand, this home held my hand.
Staying in never made me feel like I am just an ordinary guest.

And who knows but this may be just a temporary rest?

And no you won’t hear me defend my choices.
Nobody, no one in the past knew my worsts while I opted for a personal conquest.
Not a single soul was bothered when I cried in pain.
Nobody knew my shame.
So now that I made a choice to rekindle an old flame, let it be known that only I can play my own blame game.



Of Empty Cups and Blank Pages

My heart revolts
As my mind quietly screams “stop being unfair”
Stop being unfair to me, to us who believe that there is more to life than romance or destiny

I am not saying I don’t need one
But I won’t go for your rule ‘that it’s better than none’

Stop filling my cup
Stop paving the road for me
Let me find my own route
I will get there without a doubt

Let me write my own story
I am telling you, I am happy with ‘me’
I don’t see the need to hurry
Let me fulfill the life made for me – in my own terms

Let me finish my lines
Let me face my own agony

It pains me to think that you only see me in half
Stop thinking only because I am on my own, I don’t have enough.

photo-39 copy


Those rose-colored nights went astray
We were so happy
How come we easily forgot the days?

I was there for you
Rooting for everything that you do
I thought you would,too.

I stood silent when I realized you can’t
A little portion of my heart wanted for you to repent
Waited too long but days just got spent

I opted for the steady road and paved the way
Instead you bit me behind my back
Showering me with unnecessary attack

I was there for you
Helped when I can
How come you still chose to break my heart, my friend?



There’s something about this word that makes me cringe. 

Apologies must be done not more than twice.                                                                                People who use it too often needs to be downgraded.                                                
Keep a safe distance from people who use this word as a tool to get away from constantly creating mistakes.                                                                    
We are flawed but that doesn’t give anyone the privilege to abuse the word. 

NO matter how sincere, no matter how genuine, sorry is two steps away from being cautious.
Sorry also means not caring enough.                                                                      
Sorry gives you a glimpse of how people treat and value you.