Be gentle.

To the woman passing by.
To the girl with passion slipping in her eyes.
To the damsel in distress.
To the lady who’s about to cry.

Be gentle.

During the moonless nights.
During the grey skies.
In between dusk and dawn.
In between triumph and fall.

Be gentle during war and horror.
Be gentle with the one in the mirror.


Step after step I pause
Thinking lift after lift
You should be beside me as I cross
I often thought of these things as part of our clause

Not a single plan that came across without you in my mind
For all the things I wish, you have aways been considered
And even with the last stroke of my wishing wand, I would give it up
You mean that much

And all the while I thought there’s nothing like our bond.

But step after step
You take a sideway glance
You are silently taking a path
Far away from where I stand

Creating plans after plans
As you march with a different band
Quietly seeking for things away
As you silently let go of my hand



And to know that they know your flaws but they’ve come to love you anyway.
From my childish snapping to my horrible bitching.
My straight up NOs coupled with ‘please go’.
Enough reason to leave but you guys are the rarest breed.

How come they’re still happy to see me smile?
How come they laugh when I can almost make them cry?
Treading the line between tolerance and acceptance.
This is such a wonderful kind of in-between.
Such a warm, fluffy blanket of affection.
I leave my character in question.


Those rose-colored nights went astray
We were so happy
How come we easily forgot the days?

I was there for you
Rooting for everything that you do
I thought you would,too.

I stood silent when I realized you can’t
A little portion of my heart wanted for you to repent
Waited too long but days just got spent

I opted for the steady road and paved the way
Instead you bit me behind my back
Showering me with unnecessary attack

I was there for you
Helped when I can
How come you still chose to break my heart, my friend?



We deserve to be loved wholeheartedly.
We deserve people who make conscious effort to love and appreciate us.
We are deserving of attention, we don’t have to seek or crave for it.
We are deserving of praise and admiration.

And to be given voluntarily because we deserve it.
Believe that you deserve it.
Not forced.
Not as a favor.

If you have to ask, if you have to beg, wake up immediately from that obsession.
Let go.
Right away.
Distance yourself from people who see you merely as an option.