What Unugly Feels

I have bruises that never seem to heal
Rough patches
Ugly scratches
Cracks on my heel

Nose that only gets pointed in some angles
Dark circles
With some filter, there’s that perfect beauty I steal

Increase the brightness
Remove the shadows
A little more contrast
Apply those wonder I call ugly-healing apps

Unkissable lips
Undainty fingertips
Absence of gap along those thick thighs
Ugh, let’s talk about my super wide hips

So they scream right into my ear
Liquify, liquify!
Rise, Hudson, Valencia, LoFi
But wait, what is really there to fear?

These are flaws everyone can’t (And shouldn’t deny)
They can mock
They can critizise
But I will wear them and not apologise.

Because when I see you, I want to be able to look into your eyes
I want a consistent view of what you see in the movies
What you see at plain sight
I want the reel and real to collide.

Whatever value you wish to put in my mind I’ll let you be.
I will fix the ones I wish to not see but who I am should not be downgraded by the naturals flaws I carry.
I will try to improve, progress and reinvent myself until I reach my kind of beauty but for now, filters and editing will continue to be my mortal enemies.


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