Good Girls Evolve

(A time out from my moment away and an off from my typical writing.)

There’s this one part of me that says this could be a marketing strategy.
A way to create buzz or shitty free publicity.
But whenever I wake up from that daydream, my heart breaks a little.

I am from a country far away from US. I dont even count as a valuable viewer.

In my tiny country, luckily, women have power.


Yet like any other country, big or small, once upon a nightmare, my great grandmother and her friends and all the rest, were ladies seen as humans who should give birth, clean the house, make sandwiches and feed her husband.
Her capacity to do the laundry, keep hair shiny and reign in the kitchen makes or breaks her life.
No matter how bright and dependable our female leaders and other power women celebrated across the globe, these women are still regarded for their beauty.
A woman will still be measured according to her elegance, how she maintains her skin, how she keeps her waistline 24, how she manages her house, how happy the husband is or how sad her life for not having one.

I despise calling myself a feminist not because I aint one but more because I still have to do so.
I still have to remind the world of equality.
Despite how we try to push progress for women it is still plain obvious that each step we take forward, we are pulled twice back.

Good Girls Revolt is an epic reminder of how it was then and how it is still terrible now. I’m backing out on the debate about ratings and numbers. There are so many claims about it. What frustrates me is the fact that a well written period series isnt getting a fair fight. Or at least it wasnt given more time to bloom.
I sincerely wonder why people are not picking it up. It is a raw, well researched show. It has a thick plot and proves each time to be insightful.

TV series like any art form depends on its spectator. But how can the audience feel the artwork if you’re removing the piece in a snap? This is business, I get it, if you fail to reach the numbers, *poof*, it’s gone.

But did it really?

Or is the female narrative away from the damsel in distress plot doesnt fit to the mold?
Who would give us direct answer though?

I am writing this beyond my sadness as a viewer. I am putting it here to remind other women, specially young ladies who will hopefully one day dare to write this kind of narrative again to never give up. They can always close a season or cancel a show but the number of brilliant women who are brave enough to remind the world that equality is worth fighting for will never decrease.

We will write our story and let the world see.
We will continue to shake the world beyond making sandwiches and brewing coffee.
We will not stop writing our story.
We will not stop fighting bigotry.
We will not stop unless treated fairly by this society.
This is a solid reminder that we have evolved.

We will embrace our progress in history.
And if they dare to stop us, good girls will revolt, if needed, repeatedly.