60 Sighs

There are days when life fucks everything up and there will be people who would try you.
But you have people who can make you laugh.
They remind you what’s important.
They remind you not to give up.

They are far more important than all the bullshits around us.
Carefully peruse your life.
Go away from those who knock on your door only to crush your soul.
Leave those who don’t do you good.

Choose. Refuse. Never be an excuse.

11:11 Employee

There’s really nothing quite more important than lazy mornings.
To wake up at 530AM just to read all the articles for as long as I can.
Spend the next hour preparing a hearty breakfast.
(i.e., last night’s buy 1 take 1 and fry something. lol)
Take another two hours for my coffee.
Only then I’ll realise it’s past 11:11AM and I’ve (un)intentionally ignored I’m a regular 8AM to 5PM employee.

Oh please don’t fire me!