I equate dandelions with wishes.
It’s an old saying.
The way I believe in 11:11’s, wishing stars or fallen lashes.
And if I have all these magic to make things work, I will gather them tightly today.

I rarely hold on to something but last August was kind of amazing.
And how I wish, this year, I can say the same thing.


Delayed Immaturity

Hey, it’s telltale Monday.

Received work email as early as 5am.
Got seven inquiries from the owner of the company.
Arrived with questions here and there.
But here I am writing my nothings.

And have already spent 48minutes checking old posts of Tirso Cruz.
Not Tito Third.
Not the star.
My very own Tirso Cruz with a splash of Vietnamese coffee.

Today, let me be Nora.