And I guess that’s the most courageous thing a person can ever do, dare to love.
To bring yourself to the possibilities of pain and discomfort.
For showing your most vulnerable version.
For allowing them to make or break you beyond your control.

And whenever I hear or learn someone’s heartbreak, I cannot help but be part of his/her pain.
I will always be that wolf who’ll always be an outsider of this arena.
An observer.
The coward one.

The person who cannot be any of the above.
And I’m probably am the worst kind of coward.
It doesn’t mean I cannot love.
I just can’t put myself in such great ordeal.
At least not yet.

So to all those who are hurting.
For those who are still mending, I do wish I can offer you a cheer.
In the absence of that, I pray you peace.
You are an awesome being. I wish you’ll find recovery in such great ease.



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