Green Day

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don’t know where it goes
But it’s home to me and I walk alone.

Green Day
A good old favorite
And now I revisit and be reminded, indeed this journey is all my own.

There’s that bittersweet taste of going back home.
Of leaving and coming back.
I made a decision that most people will find odd.
A faulty step that needs a quick reroute.
Watch out! Watch out! they all seem to scream.
But who cares? I also have dreams.

A revisit I must say.
This home is my fortress.
This home, that made me cry and tried my patience is the same home that cradled me when nobody wanted to see my best.
This home made me feel alive even when there’s no one to confide.

In this solitary walk I found this place as my perfect cup of comfort.
When no friends, family or enemy would understand, this home held my hand.
Staying in never made me feel like I am just an ordinary guest.

And who knows but this may be just a temporary rest?

And no you won’t hear me defend my choices.
Nobody, no one in the past knew my worsts while I opted for a personal conquest.
Not a single soul was bothered when I cried in pain.
Nobody knew my shame.
So now that I made a choice to rekindle an old flame, let it be known that only I can play my own blame game.


Of Walls and Airplanes

I have a very good problem on hand.
I don’t even have to resolve it tonight.
But I am a “I-won’t-sleep-unless-I-have-the-answer” kind.

My hours had been taken over by thoughts.
My thoughts had been taken over by some ghost.
A ghost of a past that haunts.

Again, I don’t need answers tonight.
But maybe by sharing this I can find my own flight.
Or maybe I will wake up with that familiar light.



Never water down my hard work with some fleeting luck.

Don’t ever forget┬áthat I spent hours and hours of my day for work
The sleepless nights
The missed opportunities to have fun
Or all my painful struggle

I didn’t wake up one morning and had somebody hand me a piece of who I am today.