tt 0017: Of Rainbows and Butterflies

And I hope one day we’ll realize that not embracing a belief doesn’t make someone an enemy.
In as much as someone fights for his/her right, another human being might be doing the same but it happens to be on the other side.
Go ahead and take sides but to say who’s wrong and who’s right is too much.
We can’t really define who’s taking the right road as we are using different parameters of what’s good and evil.

I think, for now, the only time we can claim that love has finally won is when we stop promoting hate.

Group hug.

A Little Better

Yesterday was a cry-fest.
It’s when you know that you have no way out but to have your total surrender.
Somehow, it felt good. Way, way better.
Some sort of catharsis I must say.
Exhausting, yeah but revealing.

You can claim you’re tough. You can make others believe you’re ok.
I’m the queen of Cs anyway.
Cool-calm-collected, always in control.
Always on top of my thing but sometimes it gets too real.

The rest of the night was spent indulging on a sin.
Nah, not really a sin.
But for me to waste hours tracking down the details feels so inconvenient
And to waste it all on unproductive amusement.

To cut it short,
I’m a bit paralyzed and am admitting that tonight.


It’s amazing how the years debunked and affirmed the things I once declared.
Funny how my 7-year old self knew she’d love high ceilings, wooden stairs and glass panels.
In the same way I learned that my 11-year old self’s ideal man is no longer worth a 5-second stare.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.24.22 AM

Of Empty Cups and Blank Pages

My heart revolts
As my mind quietly screams “stop being unfair”
Stop being unfair to me, to us who believe that there is more to life than romance or destiny

I am not saying I don’t need one
But I won’t go for your rule ‘that it’s better than none’

Stop filling my cup
Stop paving the road for me
Let me find my own route
I will get there without a doubt

Let me write my own story
I am telling you, I am happy with ‘me’
I don’t see the need to hurry
Let me fulfill the life made for me – in my own terms

Let me finish my lines
Let me face my own agony

It pains me to think that you only see me in half
Stop thinking only because I am on my own, I don’t have enough.

photo-39 copy

1000 Things

And the good thing about memory is nobody can take it away from you
It can be a good portal
A selfish one
A place full of memento

Of the good and the bad
But mostly good…
The kind that makes you smile
The kind that feels like a long, warm embrace

The things that can run inside your head for an extra mile
and just stay there
At times a little
More often for a long while

But they are yours
Even if the people in the picture aren’t there anymore
Or have shifted his or her role
Even then, good memories will never fail to hit us to the core


tt 0014 : Endings

And another summer to remember
Finding its final stretch
Reaching its own encore

For some, summer stays forever
For the rest, we find our slippers floating ashore

Giving space for hopes that maybe
Maybe there’s a reason why our very own summer cannot last forever
Maybe our ‘days to remember’ will surprise us in some other weather


Boracay Sunset