tt 0013: JL

But when you give people an inch, they’ll take a mile.



And to know that they know your flaws but they’ve come to love you anyway.
From my childish snapping to my horrible bitching.
My straight up NOs coupled with ‘please go’.
Enough reason to leave but you guys are the rarest breed.

How come they’re still happy to see me smile?
How come they laugh when I can almost make them cry?
Treading the line between tolerance and acceptance.
This is such a wonderful kind of in-between.
Such a warm, fluffy blanket of affection.
I leave my character in question.

tt 0011: Trickery

Why are you still unattached?

Like however deep my thoughts were, even if I announce that I orbited around the Earth
or saved Ebola victims, created history or let’s just say…whatever
I am and will always be asked the same question

A dead fish
A meaningful trip
Breathtaking photos
Deep thoughts

No matter where I lead their thoughts, they always drive back to the same plot

It’s as if I don’t hold any value on my own
It’s as if I will only be interesting when there’s a man beside me
When there’s a hand that holds mine
As if I won’t be able to walk without it

As if it’s a crime to be on my own.


Mon Préféré

Hello there, my pretty boy
How have you been?
You’re still my favorite
But you know I cannot be your queen

Ahhh how I wish to trade the magic words
But you know it will just sound rehearsed

You have the shyest smile
You have the most beautiful eyes
It warms my heart
I knew that from the very start

Oh this is agony
You are my favorite but I am also your unwanted future enemy
I cannot stay away from you
But this safe distance, I will have to keep, too.