Brave Mornings

When everything’s still blurry
My eyes still half asleep
When it’s too early, I cannot think too deep
There’s this brave face you get to meet

The half awake
Half asleep
Who says yes
With promises she keeps

The better version
This version who says YES
This version who doesn’t really ask so many WHYs
Who believes in saying NO is a no go

The version who will grab everything as it flows
The version who will not let things go
The person who doesn’t hide her tears
The person who lets go of her fears

How we wish all decisions are meant to be made only during my brave mornings

Blue Braces, A Metaphor

A move done in haste
Now all the effort’s gone to waste
Thoughtless step
Moment where we… I got stuck

It’s done
No longer there
But the nagging feeling keeps on creeping in
Leaving the case open

A mistake
A route I knew I shouldn’t take
But did
Oh man,yeah I know… I failed

But there are things we cannot take back
And also things that dont deserve our counter-attack
We smile and go ahead
Laugh at our own mistake

Wrong move
Wrong rubber
The funny shade of blue
Not really my choice of hue

But what done is done
What gone is gone
A shallow retreat
That ends with none


After Four

Few more puffs til the smoke’s gone 
Few more sips til there’s none 

Words are almost exhausted 
The mind would rather rest 
But I hear the quiet whisper 
Now’s the part we share our best

The deepest sighs, the empty Whys 
Secret thoughts finally unearthed
My brain’s half in slumber, half in daze 
Eyes are already blurry but our hearts found strength to share its best kept stories 

After four AM, our thoughts start to wander
After four, we give fire to our deepest cries
After four, we strip down all the rules
After four, we look like genuinely happy fools 


tt 0010: Unsafe

Hey little playground, you are out now.
Apologies but I bit the bait.

I was able to keep you for a year,
it was fun
but now its a little too late.

I have to let you go
Find another escape.
I cherish this but its already unsafe.