Of Cotton Candies and Hard Metals

I am used to having men who arent my perfect fit
not good enough for me
My unequals

Until the world got reversed
Met a beautiful man
and I’m out of his league

too nice
too good
ah-ah not for this Miss Understood

They say no harm
Opposites do attract
nah when love and interest fade
it’s the thing you enjoy together that only remains

We dont have that
I am haha the blush colored cotton candy
while he is that dark metal hard core heavy

Even though he is a good catch
I am not his wild match



Those rose-colored nights went astray
We were so happy
How come we easily forgot the days?

I was there for you
Rooting for everything that you do
I thought you would,too.

I stood silent when I realized you can’t
A little portion of my heart wanted for you to repent
Waited too long but days just got spent

I opted for the steady road and paved the way
Instead you bit me behind my back
Showering me with unnecessary attack

I was there for you
Helped when I can
How come you still chose to break my heart, my friend?