Why I’m Not A Feminist

How I wish not to pull the trigger.
I shy away from topics like this
A little too much of me wants to scream and share my thinking
To profess my love for my gender assignment

Oh how I love being a woman
How proud I get when I see strong ones make history
The praises
The power
The privilege

But no
I see no reason why I have to defend our side
I see no reason why we must insist for our rights
I see no great value in praising women then belittling men
Or seeing gays and lesbians
Of pointing fingers
Of comparisons
Of looking for who’s right or wrong

Strong, independent and willed women for me are those who do not compare
They just act and claim
They do not cry the world is unfair
That men are unfair

Strong women don’t bite capitalism’s bait
We don’t believe what the media feeds us
We act
We build better lives
We are so powerful
We create

In a world full of mess wouldn’t it be better to just compliment each other?
Why can’t we just appreciate diversity more?
Why can’t we peacefully co-exist
Why do we love to complicate?

So I cannot be a feminist
If feminism pushes me to hate



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