tt009: Rewards

Disappointment comes from us thinking that we will get the same amount of love from the recipients of our own.
We tend to forget that the universe has rules of its own.
What we put will eventually find its way back to us – maybe just in another way.
Maybe in another form.



Why I’m Not A Feminist

How I wish not to pull the trigger.
I shy away from topics like this
A little too much of me wants to scream and share my thinking
To profess my love for my gender assignment

Oh how I love being a woman
How proud I get when I see strong ones make history
The praises
The power
The privilege

But no
I see no reason why I have to defend our side
I see no reason why we must insist for our rights
I see no great value in praising women then belittling men
Or seeing gays and lesbians
Of pointing fingers
Of comparisons
Of looking for who’s right or wrong

Strong, independent and willed women for me are those who do not compare
They just act and claim
They do not cry the world is unfair
That men are unfair

Strong women don’t bite capitalism’s bait
We don’t believe what the media feeds us
We act
We build better lives
We are so powerful
We create

In a world full of mess wouldn’t it be better to just compliment each other?
Why can’t we just appreciate diversity more?
Why can’t we peacefully co-exist
Why do we love to complicate?

So I cannot be a feminist
If feminism pushes me to hate



If only I know how to write a song I would pen a love song called Ethiopia

This is not socially relevant
This is me and my dreams in Ethiopia
With you in Ethiopia

A random thought that appeared in my dreams
Somewhat surprising but we know what it means to dream
These are thoughts tucked within
These are thoughts I’m keeping in

Haha sweet, sweet life
Requesting to be heard
Requesting to be seen
Ethiopia in my mind

And since I cannot pen a love song
May my words be just as strong

A quiet plea
Hidden truth
Stories of almosts and once upons
Ethiopia of my youth



They said a guy needs to know if the girl he likes kind of likes him, too.

I say that is not taking enough risks,
but for both sides.
For a guy won’t chase the one he likes for the fear of being rejected.
And with the same irrational fear, a girl would not show any sign.

This constant chase of not knowing
The unknowns that can be truly frustrating
Of not taking the road to a great perhaps
And from shying away from wonderful chances

But who are we to blame?
The warmth of love can be a tad too intimidating.

So I sigh and say,
Love is only for the courageous ones
for saying ‘I love you’ is such a brave thing.


A Quiet Kind Of Love

There is something about silence that we need to learn
The quiet way of appreciating life, people and ideas
The kind that you just show but never mentioned
The one that does not require confirmation

Screaming silence
Consistent and kind
The type you keep inside your peaceful mind

Where love flows freely
Where love reaches the sky
Where one is loved
Yet the same solace where love can also fly