To me flying is a source of joy. I’ll always stay like a giddy kid enjoying her first flight. Tell you, for me there’s nothing quite like having a bird’s eye view during the ascending and descending part of the ride.
Remember all the myth-busting factsheets on and offline that say flying is supposed to be the safest means of transportation?
How I hope we can still say the same thing these days.

This year has been disconcerting given the number of air fiasco we’ve experienced.
If you search for the numbers of air accidents we’re smoothly traversing to our safest years since ’05 but counting the number of fatalities is a different story.
Just for this year alone, how many ‘disappearances’ have we encountered?
How many flights landed into some dark abyss nobody knows where?
How unequipped are we in terms of technology? How advance can we really get? The flying cars of the future, will they experience the same detour?
I have no idea.

Yea, I know ‘accident’ happens. Take a cab, bus, train, whatever.
But you know what baffles me? Accidents, freak or plain miscalculated action/inaction do deliver a certain closure.
They provide answers to our WHYs. We can blame something, someone.
There’s always an end.
But when the brain can’t sort things out, moving on becomes the most tedious process.
We will never be able to understand the depth of pain of those who lost a loved one during MH370, Flight 17, Flight 222 and this most recent one.
It’s truly heartbreaking and we can only hope they can find a way to cope and wish somehow something will fill in the gap.
Perhaps the worst kind of lost will always be the unexplained ones.



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