Pity, please?

There’s nothing quite more inspiring than seeing people doing their best.
A life lived with so much zest.
But have you really achieved what matters to you when you start picking a person or two?
To brag.
To snap.
To laugh.
Shouldn’t these be out of your amazing life?
A success story that you are
Undeniably still marred with scars

Oh how your words start to bite
Is your star shining too bright and can’t see what’s right?

If you have arrived
I’ll be happy for you
If you have seen a different light
Well then good for you
But when it’s ego you feed
I pity you.


How does one get out of this labyrinth?
The constant pushing and pulling
…the frequent wailing
Of those moments of strength and then unlawful length of wreck

We only make choices but each leaves trail
Usually of pain which is hard to downplay
But the sighs keep rolling when the glimpse of regrets creep in
Savoring the details of ‘could have beens’