Of Darkness and Light


I have always admired city lights maybe just as much as I’d long for sunsets or sunrise.
For what feels like forever now, the vast darkness that surrounds me kind of changes what used to be fancy and “reachable” man-made stars.
“Lucky” to know that I will be back in the city soon but I can’t help but feel some sort of pain for the ones residing here.
Maybe it’s just me, maybe I don’t see things the way they do.
Still it makes me wonder how it feels to know that all that scarce here are just an island away from them.
How does it feel to sleep each night knowing that kind of world exists but you have concluded that you cant/ have no means to reach it.

[Photo: Children having fun playing glow in the dark sticks. 5:45PM, Oct2014]


Good people are everywhere.
Your ideal man is just sitting in front of you.
But we shouldn’t be hoping for our ideal guy.

That tall, dark and handsome, intelligent, well mannered, compassionate guy could be there, existing, but he isn’t who you need.

…They may have the deepest quality you’re looking for, sense of humor, compassion, being kind, considerate, respectful, supportive, and so on.
A person can be all of this and more, simply a wonderful person all around, and still not make you feel the way you want to feel.

As old as it sounds, listen to your heart.
Your eyes can fool you.
Your memory, that fckng mind can make you go crazy but your heart rarely gets confused.
It knows what it needs.