A Void

A gap
A space
A portion we need to fill

A heart with so much longing
Looking for things we can’t seem to hold
And patience to wait for life to unfold

Sometimes the Universe does provide a portion, a small size
A peek
A shadow

Sometimes you’ll hope
Sometimes a glimpse will help you get by
And more often the peek will just make you sigh

I don’t want that anymore
Let my voids be voids
I don’t want to be temporarily restored

Let my gap be gaps
Let this be a closed door
No more empty hopes

No transitory visit
No hasty bliss
It not fair to rock /crack / break my core


Close your eyes
Think of someone
Someone so dear
Think of how s/he makes you feel

Familiar touch? warmth?
The thought that feels like a warm embrace?
The kind that melts the ice…
Oh, lovely place.

Been contemplating about the word for a week now.
Seems like it won’t leave me for a while.
I wish the warmth won’t leave me, too.
Haha but all I have are my thoughts
…which isn’t exactly new.

Just say it, over and over.
How tenderness feels
Delicate, vulnerable, frail.
A weakness I wish to linger.


Who said we need relationships to be broken?
Haha funny

It only takes one person
Only takes one move
A tiny spark
poof! you’re a goner

Doesn’t take two people with emotions
One person is enough
To comfort, to shelter you
And same person to wreck and hurt you

At times you just need one moment to feel allllllll of it
The love, happiness and warmth
As well as the pain, that sudden pang in your heart and emptiness
Without the other person knowing it

Without anyone finding out