Can someone tell who doesn’t have a problem at the moment?
No, I’m not talking about your life and deaths.

Let’s discuss our very human concerns like
let’s say… not having enough coffee this morning?
Or missing 5 minutes of sleep?
Or that ‘douche’ who cat called you earlier?
Or almost missing your bus stop
That ridiculous train ride
The headphones you left somewhere
The rude telephone operator
Absence of fresh air
Your need to cram
Traffic jams

And me having concerns on the number of concerns I can still collect and post
Thus, the need to unfollow

Unfollow the ff:
Those who rant about LIFE in general “Oh it’s difficult to breathe!” (Try not to…)
Those who rant about LOVE ” I hate you. I hate that I love you.” (Decide!!!)
Those who rant about FRIENDSHIP “I cannot trust you…” (Then STOP!)
Those who rant about WORK “I don’t belong here…” (You’re a CREEP… lalalala)
Those who rant about not having to work
Those who rant about money
Those who rant about not having enough money
Those who rant about their relatives
Those who rant about not having enough relatives

This is not creating an ideal world
I am not suggesting that we create our own balloon, walls or mini cartoon
But we have to minimize, do not welcome, do not increase the load we already have
Do not take the baggage the rest are trying to unload
We are not responsible for someone’s misery
We are responsible to our own problems, our guilts, our personal defeats
Let this passive-aggresive tone stop on its own
It’s not fair for us to absorb all the world’s petty blows

Unfollow those who do not provide you growth
Unfollow the people who doesn’t make your heart glow
Our list alone would be enough to drain us from within
Unfollowing unwanted ‘contributors’ shouldn’t be a sin



We deserve to be loved wholeheartedly.
We deserve people who make conscious effort to love and appreciate us.
We are deserving of attention, we don’t have to seek or crave for it.
We are deserving of praise and admiration.

And to be given voluntarily because we deserve it.
Believe that you deserve it.
Not forced.
Not as a favor.

If you have to ask, if you have to beg, wake up immediately from that obsession.
Let go.
Right away.
Distance yourself from people who see you merely as an option.