I’m signing out, unsubscribing. 
Have to give my letter to whoever handles the queuing system for relationships.

Whoever wrote about love being sweet, cathartic, euphoric, and all these massive descriptions can everybody please fall in line? I have lots of questions for everyone. 
How come I never read about sudden pangs? Moments of indescribable emotion? 
Fckng roller coaster of emotions? 
I woke up feeling light as a feather now I feel like gathering everyone who made me believe that love is wonderful and give them some dressing down. 
William, Edgar, John, etc. you guys capitalized on this emotion! You made riches out of this notion.

How come it doesn’t feel like that at all? 
How come I feel confused, shakened and lost?

Just like in any business, I wish there’s money back guarantee.

Love isn’t for me.


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