Hey I thought I just had a peek.                

Chance to check this thing they call…well, love?          

Alright! Not really but I guess it gave me a side glance [at the very least]. 

And it truly makes me want to cry.                    

Tears seems like for grief than joy.                  

At last, as last. Finally, finally.                        

But for some reason, it’s painful. It feels like I am separating with my old self.                        

For several years I am my own love. I relied to no one. Felt nothing.            

Suddenly the one thing I thought I always wanted is the same thing I would want to run away from. For some strange reason I cannot accept the thought that I’m leaving the old me behind. It feels like betraying the tough version of me. It feels like giving up to a non-existent pact. 

It was just a glimpse how much more the real act? 



Why is it so painful to grow up? 


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