Alert! Alert!

My heart…well more of my brain (?) is seriously anxious right now. 

I know that line, my friend. Probably knowing you almost half of my life makes me understand what the signal would be. Or this is woman’s instinct or I don’t know! I just know something’s bound to happen. I know ‘us’ will never gonna happen and I’m pretty sure it’s not something I would like to happen but you know how fckng retarded our brains work? Of course I want all of us to be happy. It’s not as if I’m against him finding the love of his life. I would, too, want to find my own. But there… let me have it first. Selfish? YES but how can I defend myself when I don’t even know why I’m acting this way. My mind’s suddenly on a panic mode. For nothing! Again, for nothing. 


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