Wake Up Call From Callie

Callie’s not a friend, not even a distant one. She’s a product of my intermediate lurking skill. Instead of getting gossips and whatnot from this girl who stole this interesting guy’s heart, I dipped my internet fingers to a world of deep understanding. She’s just like anyone, having too much (at least using my POV) but still searching for so many.                                                   A well so deep can never be full I guess. Amazing experiences, once in a life time instances and an amazing man to call her own.

Indeed Callie’s life is the summary of what I’ve always wanted. The far-flung daydream I cannot even share to anyone. I fear that people will just laugh. To some this dream sounds ridiculous (That ‘some’ include me). But if there’s one thing about Callie’s life, it is waiting.

Waiting not for miracles to happen or waiting for the right person, right time kind of story.

She waited until she was ready to LET GO.  Callie had to learn how to stop and let go of all the things that surrounds her.


Awesome because these are my perfect ingredients to life. Fear.Misconception.Judgment.Regrets.Doubt.

But how does one learn to easily let go?


Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.