We are all over the news, a heartbreaking one for that matter.
Videos after videos showing how this storm wreaked havoc a great number of islands. As I share this story, the lights are flickering, suggesting any moment we might also lose electricity here in the metro. The winds are telling me that Haiyan’s rage is armed with fury. It’s not so surprising to see us all get emotional as we hear the strong wind blow. What more to those who were directly affected?

We are not as big and as equipped but our faith and character shall help us survive yet another catastrophe.  As we usually say, ‘BAGYO KA LANG, FILIPINO KAMI.’
My heart may be broke and weary but in times like this I feel so proud of my roots. We were brought up like true soldiers, tested fighters.
We will help one another, keeping the Bayanihan spirit alive. We will help each other stand up and offer the world our most genuine smile. 

Nothing can topple this resilient nation, not even the most dangerous typhoon recorded. Image


All my love. xx




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