The Art Of Moving On

Walking out on someone’s life is normal. 

We do that, someone will or someone has done that to you. And this act, my friends, is completely normal.
We have to find a way to embrace it. Yes, it may not be the most comfortable scenario but it’s a natural thing.                                    
We have to gladly let go of the things which are no longer working for us.
Regardless if it’s you who’s leaving or the other way around.                                               This letting go phase is not a competition, this is not about who left or who got left behind.
Doesn’t really matter anymore anyway.                                                                      

The problem is even if we’ve made drastic decisions we still cannot stop ourselves from looking back. From going over and over the same story. From continuously scratching the wound.
Which is not helping anybody at all.
Seriously, when you have reached that point wherein you said it’s over, be true to your words.
To yourself. 

Imagine this scenario the way you’d wish for a bad day to end.
You don’t want it ever again and you would rather not talk about it anymore.
You don’t block, unfriend, delete, unfollow someone and then still talk about that person.
You’re not a child, the last thing this grown-up world needs is an adult throwing tantrums.

Move on. Forward.



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