We learned early in life that we have to take the good and the bad of the ones we love.

If we will take a closer look, most of the time, we leave/let go/forget people who are in a way brought a negative behavior. This could mean that person hurt us directly and in some cases we just witnessed how that person change over time and we sort of, didn’t like it.

Natural phenomena, I guess.

We hate the scenario we end up not liking the person. NO problem. Move on we will.


I have few more days left and I can forget all the things that happened in the past.

I realized somehow that even if I decided to leave my feelings towards this person remains the same.

This person brought out the best and worst in me. She saw how I transformed as a person and witnessed her transformation as well.

I’ve always hated her stubbornness and her confusing identity but in times like this, witnessing all the negatives, I still remain a friend more than anything else.


This is in no way of saying that I am a good friend. I walked out on people several times.

I have realized some flaws and decided to leave them even at times when they need me most.

How can I let go of people who just bolted once and choose to ignore flaws of some other people that the general public may find more appalling?

 The choices made were not based on who deserves more understanding, no pros and cons or anything.

I don’t know the HOWs.

I just love and then carry on. 


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