I have three (or maybe four) issues tonight which prevents (i just need my s) me from doing my normal Sunday cleaning habit.

1. Hey Discovery Suites owner, where is your conscience? Do you still have one? Why are you keeping that scum?
2. Where do stray cats/dogs stay at times like this?
[Which leads me to pondering how the lives of stray animals vs pet animals are no different from ours.]
3. And the photos I am seeing – girls, we’re doing it all wrong. That’s just a lot. We don’t have to take photos of us 4 fcking times. We don’t need to take photos of us having that ‘dysmenorrhea’ face – what the hell?!!! 



Vanity Cards

Kind of miss the days when Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards were more intimate.
It kinda gave me the thought that maybe this is how it’s like to finally find Station 9 3/4 in King’s Cross in real life. 
It was just that concrete, unadulterated musings of one brilliant mind. 
Unfortunately, this 5-seconder closing earned its own spot.
I hate you, CBS. Censorship is stupid.