So Clean

In a scale of one to Mother Theresa, how good are you? 

I don’t believe we’re all good. We will in one way or another do something mean, bad, distasteful or unkind. We rationalize things by saying “I only did what I did to defend myself” or “Some people deserve it” or plainly deny or at worst, we become totally delusional.

We are meant to be selfish, we are meant to defend ourselves. We are born to think that we are here on Earth to love and be loved. To enjoy all the bests this world can offer. We see the world as if it owes us all the joy.

We are thinkers, we can always find ways to rationalize and get away with every wrongful turn we take. I don’t mean to write this to denounce your good and bad judgments in life or wash my hands clean. But I just cannot fathom the role that some people would like to play.                                

The people who will try to mold you to become a better person. Those who will take note of all your shits and announce it to the world or at least to their world. My favorite bunch of hypocrites. 

Wait, can somebody pass the handbook of good deeds? Or the list of perfectly nice individuals? 


…to be continued. 


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