I am in high hopes that I will not use this platform to vent my troubles inside. But knowing myself, I will always end up doing this.

Tonight, I have personally decided to let go of one person who, for some time I admired. And when I say ‘let go’, I only meant to particularly not care anymore. And I know i’m good at it. I’m really good at it.

Our status is like trying to save a relationship from sinking but you’ll realize that it’s better that way. If we see things at different directions and we cannot settle to just respecting each other’s decision then it’s going nowhere. I can no longer continue sharing the silent feud, my life would be far more interesting finding my spot in the world. I don’t understand the hate or whatever your negative feeling is towards me.

I sincerely apologize (I can’t be too sincere) for lessening your Earth years, your negative emotions must have consumed a lot of your time.



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